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In order to strive to be the best, our department sticks to the motto “Hard-working teaching, high-quality service, and innovation.” In addition, to meet the real-life needs of the marketing industry, our department intends to develop students with the highest professional marketing management ability and creativity. 




  • ★Courses designed reflect real-world marketing and distribution management issues, and as a result, match corporate talent requirements.
  • Students are rewarded for obtaining professional licenses, thus increasing their employment competitive advantage.
  • In order to enhance student expertise, the college encourages students to participate in research projects.
  • The college arranges regular visits and field trips in order to expose students to real-life settings and work environments.
  • The college offers senior elective campus internships in order to facilitate employment after graduation.



Teaching Goals

  • Design marketing planning and distribution management courses that teach students professional management from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

  • Provide certificated counseling in order to enhance students’ employability and competitiveness, as well as assist students with career placement and advancement.

  • Strengthen academic and industrial exchanges and cooperation, in order to understand the progress of research in relevant domains.

  • Focus on training knowledgable, independent thinking, and problem-solving students.

  • Train professional and ethical students who are aware of macro-perspectives.



Equipment and resources


We have professional classrooms for customer relationship management (CRM), Chain Store Master (CSM), Point of Sales Systems (POS), SPSS Amos, LIRSEL, Expert Choice 2000 ,Lisrel and Business Operations Simulation System(BOSS). The institute also provides information from domestic and foreign periodicals to aid teachers and students in teaching, research, and other practical purposes.




Career prospects


In this age of information technology, enterprises have an urgent need to recruit talent possessing specialized skills and training in department of Marketing and distribution management ; as a result, our graduates can expect to land a job with any company engaged in department of Marketing and distribution management.